Collection: Grossmutter

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Collection: Grossmutter

Alumno/a: Paula Stolt
Area: Fashion

Grossmutter is a tribute that the designer wishes to pay to her two German grandmothers who were key figures in defining her values regarding family, humility, discipline and individuality.

The collection is inspired by seventies Ibizan fashion, German rationalism and traditional upholstery. Created for strong women with attitude, these outfits combine tradition and contrast, with volumes, textures and floral prints as the common thread. The silhouettes evoke the extravagance inspired by her mother’s mother, featuring multi-colour tassels and military touches as a nod to German structure. Accessories include handbags with tassels, rustic fabrics and balls in different colours and shapes, as well as a variety of silk scarves with leopard-skin and floral prints.