Collection: Freedom of Panorama

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Collection: Freedom of Panorama

Alumno/a: Brenda González
Area: Fashion

Interpreting the shapes in contemporary sculptures of the body is both an obsession and an inspiration in Freedom of Panorama. The designer also uses her discourse to compare taking a selfie with taking pictures of art so as to reflect on the increasing role of image in communication and social ties.

A work of art offers a wealth of perspectives and angles, which is precisely what is conveyed in her clothing, experimenting with concepts such as versatility and transformation to bring us a collection that fades the divide between human and art. 

The items have a streetwear air about them, breaking away from basic silhouettes. The industrial/technological style appears to merge with more organic and hand‑crafted details. Among the collection’s distinctive features is the use of synthetic textures in accessories and outerwear in combination with much lighter basics, as well as a colour scheme that blends neutral tones with bright bursts inspired by stones and other natural elements.