Collection: En Plein Air

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Collection: En Plein Air

Alumno/a: Julia Martín

The collection is inspired by some of the characteristics of the Spanish region of Cantabria, each of which create a metaphor of a personal journey, starting at the origins of mankind and local traditions before becoming intermingled with an urban feel and ending with the idealisation of nature.

It stands out for its large volumes and hand-crafted techniques, such as typical Cantabrian baskets (known as cuévanos) combined with tailoring. Embroidery, handmade elements and prints are present throughout the collection, which intends to portray a natural environment and draws its inspiration from cave art and the hand of humans in nature. The aim is to prove that it is possible to strike the perfect harmony between tradition and a more urban, modern reality.