Collection: COLOUR ME IN

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Collection: COLOUR ME IN

Alumno/a: Edward Cuming

“COLOUR ME IN” is inspired by the aesthetics of prison uniforms. The collection transmits a very aggressive, over-the-top and repetitive style in keeping with a prison’s environment of discipline and austerity.

The garments are made of large volumes and unstructured shapes. The different textures and details of each of the pieces include openings, velcro closures on the back or overlapping layers to create flowing pieces. The designs are rendered in materials such as neoprene or wool for a unisex, sporty style combined with colours like orange, beige and blue over white, which is the star shade in the collection.

It was the winner of the best collection of the ModaFAD 2015 contest.

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