Collection: ACT 1

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Collection: ACT 1

Alumno/a: Laia Canales
Area: Fashion

ACT 1  is a women’s collection that reflects on the phenomenon of dressing and the complex world that is fashion design. Considering the power of clothes to define the person wearing them, this collection sends out a critical message regarding the limited functionality we sometimes see on the catwalk and the fine line between dressing ourselves and dressing up.

By contrast, the collection wagers on functionality and sustainability as the core values to ensure a responsible future for fashion. 

Iconic items such as jeans and wedding dresses are reinvented to produce new silhouettes. Dark, sober colours typically found in tailoring are rendered in sustainable fabrics such as Tencel and recycled materials. Some items are also re-used to give them a whole new value or function. This creates new forms to extend an item’s life cycle whilst calling the current industrial system into question.