Collection: 8 & Cherries

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Collection: 8 & Cherries

Alumno/a: Vivian Alarcón

A night in Las Vegas seen through the eyes of a young Elvis Presley has inspired 8 & Cherries, a feminine collection comprising six figure-hugging outfits. The innocent sensuality of the sixties focuses volume on the body to reveal luscious legs, while the genuine wild west and can-can costumes call for plenty of leather.

The colour palette is inspired by the work of Dale Chihuly and Berta Fischer, with explosive combinations and a blend of striking and over-the-top hues. Chromed effects are achieved by metallic and golden touches, helping to emphasise the ostentation of that era and of classic Cadillac. In the accessory range, cherries are the star symbol, giving the collection its name and shaping earrings and embroidery.