Collection: 1933

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Collection: 1933

Alumno/a: Carla Alberch
Area: Fashion

1933 is a collection in which the designer drew her inspiration from her grandfather, who grew up in a family textile printing factory. The concept explores new ways of printing on fabric using the factory’s traditional technique “à la Lyonnaise”.

Her seven outfits for men evoke the 1970’s style and the clothes her own grandfather used to wear. The designer draws on the idea of single items made with raw fabrics and neutral colours to produce high-quality clothing. Craft prints are present throughout the collection, like a memory of the past that lives on in the present – a reconstruction of the company’s original patterns.

1933 won the Franca Sozzani award for Best Collection at Fashioners of the World 2019.