Collection: Serial Seeds

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Collection: Serial Seeds

Alumno/a: Eric Solerdelcoll

“Serial Seeds” is inspired by the ambience of industrial courtyards, where the remains and refuse of unused materials coexist with wild plants sprouting here and there.

The first collection by Eric Mish, whose real name is Eric Solerdelcoll, uses unconventional materials to create clothing and accessories made of recycled elements, scrapped fine cotton knit material, silver insulation fabric or metal structures. Thanks to these innovative materials, the designer manages to create new forms and volumes by redefining the male silhouette and breathing new life into everyday elements. The colour palette is dominated by whites, pale blues, greys and intense touches of fluorescent green to represent artificial elements, which are a key feature in industrial estates.

Èric Mish was awarded with the price of Best Thesis Award 2016 by IED Barcelona.