Colección: DINO

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Colección: DINO

Alumno/a: Simone Soon Kamph

“Dino” is a collection inspired by old dinosaur movies like Harry Hoyt‘s “The Lost World” (1925) or Eugène Lourié‘s “The beast of 20,000 arms” (1953). These movies pretended to be frightening and terrible in its day, but they have become funny and even ironic movies because of the simplicity of production for today’s audience. “Dino” tries to transmit the aggressiveness and brutality that dinosaurs projected in the movies, without forgetting the most important elements: fun and irony. Fun is transmitted in the accessories, colors and details of the garments. The many textures that compose the collection have been handmade, adopting an artisanal appearance created with the use of macramé and chunky-knitting that no machine can produce. Pompoms on the accessories give a fun and childish touch.

The aggressive feeling is obtained with the use of accessories and big garments, as well as the use of swollen and soft materials, which are mixed together. The triangular shapes make reference to the classic symbol of the dinosaur. The collection is very colorful, precisely to express the most important element: FUN.

This proyect takes part of Designers of the World 2014  fashion show and was finalist of ModaFad 2014.

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