Colección: DEMO

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Colección: DEMO

Alumno/a: Natalia Sushchenko

The “Demoscene” underground culture appeared in the late 90s and was created by young people with unrecognized talent. By remaining anonymous, they influenced a whole generation of computer experts. The computer was just an extension of their unlimited mind power. In the same way, errors and technical problems appeared in mathematical processes which were supposed to be accurate. Many of them found an unexpected beauty among them, the beauty of error.

The collection “Demo” is devoted to both philosophical and visual demoscene culture, and to the connection of oneself with technology. It uses digitally-printed fabrics that represent the technological world, prints that represent one’s memory, and silhouettes that create an impression of an imaginary world. There are no rules or limits. No restrictions or social control. Staying true to oneself and the images that have been part of your entire life is the main challenge; this is “Demo”.

This proyect forms part of Designer of the World 2014 and was finalist of ModaFad 2014.


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