Collection: Blooming from the ashes

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Collection: Blooming from the ashes

Alumno/a: Ricardo Dovale

“Blooming from the ashes” is inspired by a Japanese proverb that sees death as a process of being reborn and turning into something better. In a transition from dark and pale shades to pastel and cherry colours, the final degree project by Ricardo Dovale presents jackets with over-the-top volumes and forms that recreate the traditional Japanese kimono.

The items evolve from less complex to more elaborate shapes involving a painstaking patterning process and a careful analysis of the quality and drape of the fabric. They also feature hand-threaded embroidery and jewels sewn on by hand using haute couture techniques.

The collection is inspired by traditional concepts from Japanese culture, creating modern and bold items with a sporty touch. The outcome is a collection that plays with contrasts between colours and forms, from oversize items to slim-fit silhouettes, from thick fabrics to transparencies, and from ornate embroidery on sports footwear to jewels on knitwear.