Collection: Agua y piedra

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

Collection: Agua y piedra

Alumno/a: Hanne Rützou
Area: Fashion

The items created by designer Hanne Rützou stand out for the careful research and the quest for new materials invested in her bridal gowns and evening dresses. Having won the Gratacós Scholarship for Talent ib 2019, she took the opportunity to produce two designs from each of the collections she conceived whilst studying the Postgraduate Degree in Wedding and Ceremony Dress Design.

“Water and Stone” evokes these two natural elements to reflect the female universe. The designer explores them using fabrics, volumes and textures, while the upper body is embellished with handmade porcelain adornments. This is how Hanne seeks to give her designs an exclusive essence thanks to the variety of textures this material can create, representing a unique woman with each confection.

The second model was born from her collection “Lo que la marea deja” (what the tide leaves), calling to mind the fragments that emerge amidst the froth to tell the tale of all that is left behind. Stones, sand, coral, glass… Each of these materials tied in with airy, flowing fabrics create a collection that embodies nature’s power to transform as it is sculpted by time.

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