Design Thinking and Co-creation


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  • maquetas_Seat_bodegon_50 copy
    Project: Seat Kiro
    DesignThe main objective of the project with SEAT is to… más info +
  • Cabecera
    Project: Seat Mergo
    The “SEAT Mergo” was designed as a new transportation service… más info +
  • MatteoGuarnaccia_t64_MSF (6)
    Project: t-64
    Matteo Guarnaccia designed the t-64 kit, which consists of two… más info +
  • Lékué_Final_Presentation copy
    Project: The Red Line
    Visual“The Red Line” is a project that proposes a new… más info +
  • Cabecera
    Collection: Blooming from the ashes
    Fashion“Blooming from the ashes” is a fashion collection inspired in… más info +
  • FilipaMarques_GIRA (3)
    Project: The Pattern Experience
    Design“The Pattern Experience” consists of an open-air system based on… más info +


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    Lizbeth Cevallos
    Lizbeth Cevallos studied the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design. más info +
    Armin Kreiner Norkūnas
    He studied the Masters in Design Management in 2013. He… más info +
    Daniel Sánchez Fuentes
    Daniel Sánchez Fuentes studied the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Desgin.  más info +


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  • Rene Zamudio
    Rene Zamudio
    Well-known stylist in the fields of fashion, cinema and advertising,… más info +
  • Abel-Diaz
    Abel Díaz
    His background in Marketing and an MBA led him to… más info +
  • Hernan-Ordoez
    Hernán Ordóñez
    Graduate in Graphic Design by the Faculty of Architecture, Design… más info +