Design Thinking and Co-creation


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  • maquetas_Seat_bodegon_50 copy
    Project: Seat Kiro
    DesignThe main objective of the project with SEAT is to… más info +
  • Cabecera
    Project: Seat Mergo
    SEAT proposed the challange to design new transportation services for… más info +
  • Web_EricMish_1
    Collection: Serial Seeds
    Fashion“Serial Seeds” is inspired in the industrial yards; places with… más info +
  • Cabecera2
    Colección: LastFuture
    FashionBarbara Secco invites us to think about the past and… más info +
  • MatteoGuarnaccia_t64_MSF (6)
    Project: t-64
    Doctors without Borders offered two challenges: firstly, it asked the students… más info +
  • Lékué_Final_Presentation copy
    Project: The Red Line
    Visual“The Red Line” is a project that proposes a new… más info +


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  • diseno--grafico-Estefania_Blondet
    Estefania Blondet
    Estefania Blondet works as a graphic designer in TBWA. She… más info +
  • Graphic-Design--Mergime-Raci
    Mergime Raci
    Born in Kosovo, she grew up in Switzerland and spent… más info +
    Masha Shashkova
    She studied the Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces. más info +


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  • Josema-Uros
    Josema Urós
    After a long career in computer programming, he focused his… más info +
  • Carmello Zapulla
    Carmelo Zapulla
    Graduate in Architecture from the Università degli Studi di Palermo,… más info +
    Jesús Monllaó
    After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Visual Media Production, he… más info +

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