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  • ARMIN_03
    PROJECT: PERSONA, GO ALIVE! An approach to foster collective creativity processes
    ManagementPERSONA, GO ALIVE! is a Design Strategy Innovation project which… more info +
  • Untitled-1dfgsdfg
    Colección: DINO
    Fashion“Dino” is a collection inspired by old dinosaur movies like Harry… more info +
  • helix_advanced_portada
    Proyecto: Advanced
    DesignHelix Motor International requested them to realize a redesign of… more info +
  • stein
    Project: Stein
    DesignStein is a project developed for the industrial design company… more info +
  • Untitled-1zdfg
    Colección: DEMO
    FashionThe “Demoscene” underground culture appeared in the late 90s and… more info +
  • Untitled-1df
    Proyecto: Colección URBAN TREATS
    Fashion“Urban Treats” is a summer collection for young women who… more info +


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    Rubén Oya
    He studied Transport Design at IED Barcelona. He currently works… more info +
  • Ilustración-y-Animación---Amparo-Cativiela---IMG_0100
    Amparo Cativiela
    Amparo Cativiela studied the Undergraduate in Graphic Design and the… more info +
  • Diseno-de-Producto---Gabriel-Rodriguez-Pacheco---IMG_0559
    Gabriel Rodríguez Pacheco
    He participated in the realization of Meetube project, designed for… more info +


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  • Fabricio Perez
    Fabricio Pérez
    Fabricio Pérez is the Coordinator for the Bachelors of Arts… more info +
  • Merce Graell
    Mercè Graell Pons
    Industrial Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the… more info +
  • Francesc Grau
    Francesc Grau Tomàs
    He attended the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design at the… more info +


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