Design Thinking and Co-creation


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  • NAVIA: People, the city, the sea
    ManagementNavia is a public transport system that is envisaged as… More Info +
  • Columbus
    ManagementColumbus is a maritime transport service that offers a rapid… More Info +
  • Pivot
    Pivot es un sistema de mobiliario para oficinas que se… More Info +
  • Project: Seat Kiro
    DesignThe main objective of the project with SEAT is to… More Info +
  • Project: Seat Mergo
    SEAT proposed the challange to design new transportation services for… More Info +
  • Collection: Serial Seeds
    Fashion“Serial Seeds” is inspired by the ambience of industrial courtyards,… More Info +


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  • Masha Shashkova
    She studied the Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces. More Info +
  • Toby Fox
    Diploma IED in Business Design – academic year 2016/2017. More Info +
  • Christina Scharny
    She studied the CSP en Diseño de Moda Infantil. She is… More Info +


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  • Fabricio Pérez
    Fabricio Pérez is the Coordinator for the Bachelors of Arts… More Info +
  • Pilar Pasamontes
    She is the Fashion Scientific Director and Professor of Fashion… More Info +
  • Pere Ortega
    Member of the team SAETA ESTUDI ( Specialist in designing… More Info +