Master Courses

The IED Master philosophy is built upon design culture, using a methodology based on learning by doing and applying various creative and innovation process methods through project-based learning.

The IED Master training programme is set within a multicultural context and combines theoretical-technical specialisation alongside practical workshops and visits to companies. In other words, theoretical content is combined with practice during the completion of real projects in collaboration with various sector companies.

Following the principles of multidisciplinarity, IED Master offers theoretical and practical training in two complementary formats:

Classroom, with shared content that is common to all courses and individual course-specific content.

Online, with shared generic content on the cultural and methodological aspects of design.

The learning process involves an educational team of practicing professionals from the fields of business, design and communication.

Advantages of studying an IED Master
· Quality, innovative education in all areas of design and communications.
· Direct contact with the business world and culture.
· Didactics that balance theory and practice.
· All our professors and tutors are renowned professionals who are active in the industry.
· Transversal education that offers students a multidisciplinary professional profile: conferences, round tables, Master’s classes, and workshops.

The courses are offered in different types:

Master Management (RSP: Research Study Program)
Master Professional

Research Study Program

Design Management

Master in Design Management

- Barcelona - 11 months

Day after day the business world is becoming more complex to manage with lower and lower margin for errors. In this context the value of a discipline resides in its ability to facilitate better-informed decisions. This highly competitive environment requires… More Info


Master in Fashion Management

- Barcelona - 11 months

Fashion is part of our society. The act of “getting dressed” is part of our culture, covering functional needs of human beings and, more important, satisfying the necessity of communication. People from ancient times had always covered the body, both… More Info

Professional Master

Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurship

Master in Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurship (Intensive)

- Barcelona - 3 months in Barcelona and 4 months online

The Master in Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship is a response to the need of incorporating innovation to organizations’ strategic management. To apply innovation is a key component to guarantee competitiveness in the current economic and social environment, and it is fundamental… More Info


Master in Knitting Design

- Barcelona - 6 months

The Masters in Knitwear Design introduces designers to the world of knitted fabric in all its varieties, from handmade to industrial production, encouraging innovation through experimental research and hands-on experience.Designers get a taste of how to use knitting machines to… More Info


Master in Graphic Design

- Barcelona - 9 moths

In today’s world, understanding the communication sector is crucial in order to offer a range of solutions to meet the graphic and visual communication needs that the market demands.Rising to this need, the Masters in Graphic Design trains professionals to build… More Info

Dirección Estratégica y Creativa de Comunicación y Publicidad

Master in Strategic and Creative Planification for Brand Communication

- Barcelona - 6 months

The Master in Srategic and Creative Advertising for Brands understands that the way advertising is made is changing dramatically, and will change even more in the future. Advertising on tv and traditional media is losing its efficiency and, today, the most creative… More Info

Interactive Apps Design

Master in Interaction Design

- Barcelona - 6 months

The Master in Interaction Design aims to train professionals who aspire to be tomorrow’s digital leaders equipped with the collaborative, critical thinking and technical skills required to react, adapt and leverage the impacts of digital transformation and understand how the… More Info


Master in Fashion Design

- Barcelona - 9 months

The course is based on providing a solid cultural foundation to understand fashion as a social system tied to the historical evolution of styles, art movements and socio cultural and economic changes that influence society.The Master in Fashion Design is… More Info


Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication - September

- Barcelona - 8 months

The Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication is developed starting on the principles of traditional and fashion marketing, analysing their several aspects and applications, but always with fashion communication in mind, given its role as integral and essential part of… More Info


Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication - January

- Barcelona - 6 months

The Master in Fashion Marketing and Communication is developed starting on the principles of traditional and fashion marketing, analysing their several aspects and applications, but always with fashion communication in mind, given its role as integral and essential part of… More Info

Diseño Sostenible de Producto

Master in Sustainable Design

- Barcelona - 6 months

This masters tackles sustainability from a 360°angle based on materials, the business model concept or service idea and profitability. Students are guided through the most complex aspects of product design and contemporary packaging with a special focus on creativity, project analysis… More Info


Master in Interior Design

- Barcelona - 6 months

This masters course equips students with the know-how and tools they need to take on projects within the hospitality sector, which are the backbone of the course. Students are faced with real situations posed by real clients, providing them with… More Info

Interior Design for Commercial Spaces

Master in Interior Space Design Methodology

- Barcelona - 6 months

Based on a project culture and on our own innovative methodology, this Masters course aims to produce professionals with the ability to innovate in the vast field that is space design. Different spaces and scales will be worked on in… More Info

Food, Wine, Tourism

Master in Brand Design and Management: food, wine and tourism

- Barcelona - 11 months

The overall aim of the Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism is to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals able to offer a new managerial approach to the tourism/food and beverage sector in the touristic/hospitality and catering… More Info


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